Organisers' Page

This page has information for many of the competitions at Borders Ice Rink. The page is primarily of interest to those who may have to organise teams for the various events but it should be equally interesting to anyone who might want further information on the format of the various competitions.

External Club Competitions

Berwickshire Bonspiel (Berwickshire):

2 rinks

Open to any club members

1 game not necessarily at the same time - Usually Saturday Ice late November - aggregate scores

Border Bonspiel (Province):

Number of rinks based on number of mother club members in the club usually 2 rinks, possibly 3.

Open to mother club members only

1 game per rink on different days/times – usually early January - aggregate scores

Dickinson (Berwickshire):

1 rink

Open to any club members

Usually played as a Knock Out on daytime ice

May be 3 or 4 rounds over 2 weeks – 2 subs allowed - usually February

District Medal (RCCC):

1 rink

Open to any club members

1 game - RCCC organise the draw, could be at another ice rink but clubs paired so no overnight necessary – first club in the draw is the home rink, 2 clubs agree date / time – District Medal awarded to the winners by RCCC

Double Rink (RCCC):

2 rinks

Open to any club members

Starts with a local Knock Out Feb or March

2 Borders qualifying teams to go to Finals played Fri - Sun in Nov/Dec. Finals are usually Mini leagues + finals, often played at Stranraer – 2 subs allowed per rink -aggregate scores

Gala Cup (Province):

1 rink but can enter more (2 or more rinks of 2m+2f often difficult)

2 women & 2 men from the same club

Open to any club members – played on Saturdays as a Knock Out – usually 1 game per day except for the semi-finals and final which are likely on the same day – 2 subs per rink

Harry Hogg (Province):

1 rink

Open to any club members

Usually played as Knock Out – 1 round per month – daytime ice - usually starts in late November – 2 subs

Laidlaw (Berwickshire):

1 rink

Open to any club members

Usually played as Knock Out mid Oct/Nov – daytime ice - have to rotate playing position so no one ever plays in the same position twice although any rink required to play a preliminary round may use the same rink order twice.

Pate (Province):

1 rink

Open to any club members

1 game – usually a Saturday - played as Borders teams vs Midlothian teams with combined Borders scores against combined Midlothian scores – at Murrayfield/ BIR in alternate years – Duns play usually 2 years in 3

Potty Trophy (Province):

2 Duns members to make up a team alongside 2 members from another Borders club – 1 game played as Borders vs East Lothian (at Murrayfield/BIR in alternate years) – Duns invited to play some years, in rota

Rink Championship (RCCC):

1 rink (2 if very brave)

Played as a Knock Out – Wed / Thurs / Fri early Dec – 2 subs - Winners & runners up go to Forfar for national finals in March

Tweedmouth Kettle (Berwickshire):

2 rinks playing simultaneously

Open to any club members

KO – usually 1st Saturday in Jan for early rounds, 2nd Saturday in Jan for semis and final – 2 subs per rink - aggregate scores