2015 Stirling Summer Skins

Stirling Summer Skins 2015

A Duns CC team took part in the Stirling Summer Skins in 2015 for the third year. Expectations were not high as the team haven't played for 4 months and in the last two outings they had failed to make the cut.

However it almost proved third time lucky as the 4 intrepid Pirates of the Coffeebean ( Paul (S), George, Luigi and John W. )made it all the way to the final and even managed to take it to the last stone of the last end. Alas me hearties it was not to be but the frowns were not too desperate as the main feeling was one of surprise that we had made it that far. Of course next year we hope to put them all to the sword and go one better to scoop even more pieces of eight!

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