2010 Matthew Templeton

A Duns rink took part in the Matthew Templeton again this year. The rink was made up of Colin Jeffries, Paul Jess, David Oliphant and Louise Seed aided and abetted by Helen Forbes who stood in for CJ in game 1 as he watched from the bar with a newly lanced poisoned toe.

The rink came close to qualifying in the top 8 finishing 9th, equal on points with all 4 Bibby qualifiers but beaten out on the strength of number of ends. The other Bibby qualifiers had 14,13,12,12 ends scored and we had 11. A near thing in the premier tournament of Kelso Ice Rink.

The MT is a great competition -- a bit like playing several strong Border League games one after the other against quality opposition. Just look at the teams which finished below us.

We won 2 games and lost to a Templeton semi-finalist, Jim Cullen's rink, by 8-6 so we did OK. We were eventually pipped by Graham Wilson's rink who needed to win 6 ends to catch us and they eventually managed to take 7 ends off someone who will remain nameless.....John Hodge.....oops!

Having said all that we can and will try to improve for next year. As Arnie said "we will be back"