2010 Indoor Grand Match

Report by Colin Jeffries.

The intrepid quartet of Colin J (s) , George W, John H and John Walker set off to represent the South at Hamilton Ice Rink where we played the Club 90 from Greenacres. Their club was formed in 1990 so we were 190 years older than them (this showed up in John Hodge's sweeping or rather lack thereof).

It was a good friendly game and we were bowling along happily leading 5-0 at the half way stage and the stacking of the brooms. However we made a tactical error by choosing the Clyde Steamer (a concoction of whisky, cointreau, ginger ale and cider) as our mid way tipple, the ladies wisely perhaps chose plain orange juice. The effect was immediate as they upped their game and we went the other way to quickly lose 2 ends and 4 shots and the match became 5-4. Luckily the magic of the orange juice faded and the Duns heads cleared up a bit for us to pick up the last 2 ends and 4 shots.Our winning total of 5 up was the best of the 6 games in our session so we profitted with a large bottle of Whyte and MacKays whisky each. As our opposition were obviously orange juice folk, we did not break open the seals.

After our meal, the evening saw us regaled with a variety of jokes,stories , a dyslexic fairy tale, several poems and 2 groups (both ladies rinks) did a song.

It was an excellent social evening and we are grateful to Hamilton IR and Lanarkshire Sports Club for making us so very welcome and providing such a good time.

Thanks to my rink for supporting me so well and especially John Walker for transporting us to and fro. There was only one blip at a spaghetti junction when the Sat Nav, George and John H all offered different opinions. We should have listened to Sat Nav but instead had a brief tour of a remote bit of the Hamilton suburbs.

For the record, overall the South won by 393 shots.