Pairs Guidance

The Duns CC Pairs event – background notes

Advance Intimation: This helps solve potential numbers problems

· For a February date , send out a reminder group e-mail very early in the new year

· For a January date, the reminder will have to go out early / mid December.

· Issue formal details and a request for participants not less than 3 weeks before the event. Ask for raffle prizes.

Bits and Pieces

Before the event

· It’s prudent to have a standby in case of a very late call off.

· Find out who has the Pairs Claret Jug and check it will be in BIR on the day.

· Check with the Treasurer what the cost will be with subsidy (£22 in ’18).

· Ask / give a note to the ice master requesting sheets 2 and 3 for the second 2 hour block, a few days in advance

· Decide when the finals will start to give enough time safely for 6 ends with an extra end or half end if peels, + draw to the pot lid if needed – usually a 20min break is ok

On the Day

· Get someone(s) to register curlers and take the fees + another to do the sweep

· If both organisers are playing, it would be wise to take a whistle on to the ice,

· 1 hour - 55min – buzzer – buzzer+5

Rink selection

It’s good to have as balanced rinks as possible eg skips + leads, 2nd + 3rds. Asking an experienced non participating skip to pair up the names, or check what you are proposing, can give reassurance and a good outcome. It’s wise not to publicise, or leak the pairings – it’s much more fun turning up on the day to find out the draw.

Items needed:

· 2 Prizes for the High Road winners eg bottle wine & 2 for the Low Road winners eg chocs

· DCC Pairs Rules sheet (example accompanies) for the end of each sheet, check that the timings on the sheet match the starting time for your particular year. Include large coloured instructions on the bottom half of each sheet where to go at the end of round 1.

· A results schematic plan (example accompanies) showing where the winners and the losers go, especially after round 1.

· Individual Names slips for the sweep, in a container for dipping into + a sheet with all names to record the matching names -£1 > £5*2 for High road winners £3*2 for Low R winners.

· best 10 distinctive raffle books (2*5), in 2 tubs, with 2* pens to get the raffle going smartly and slickly + small bucket to use to draw raffle tickets. The Secretary normally has the club’s stock of raffle books, to be returned after use.