Crystal Ball

An article prepared as Duns Curling Club had just celebrated our bicentenary year. {submitted by Colin Jeffries}

I now want to do a bit of crystal gazing and look to the future. To the next tricentenary year to be precise.

Curling will have become more technological, more scientific. If I look into the crystal ball I can see that the noticeboards of the clubs have been replaced by a computer terminal with scores and information posted immmediately from a link to the computerised scoreboards in the ice-rink


I also see a large figure which is the ice master sitting in his office playing computer games, solitaire I believe. Every 2 hours he receives a signal that a game has finished, whereupon he sighs and lifts his index finger over to a button and presses it.

An automatic ice cutter will descend on to the ice rather like one of those contraptions for sweeping the pins away in 10 pin bowling and it will cut and shape the ice right down the sheet. This will be followed by a lowering of insulated automatic sprinklers the length of the sheet which will pebble the ice with pure water at exactly 140° F or 65° C, the droplet size being controlled by computer.

The ice master wearily returns to the computer game while telepathically ordering a pint of heavy to be sent to him. The players will take the ice with their special vacuum brushes which ensure no hairs or dust. But if I look very closely, I see a Chirnside rink playing where a player with a bunnet has just thrown a running stone and is beating the ice with his bunnet while giving out some fierce oaths to encourage the stone on its way.

Next to them is a Duns rink in their new Tricentenary jerseys. I see a player called John who has just fallen over, and the sound I can hear quite clearly is good-hearted banter going on. The sound is of people having fun. The technical side of the game may change, the equipment may improve but the enjoyable fellowship of Curling will stay the same and long may it continue to be so. Thank you